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10 Reasons Why the Body Retains Fat - Crazy Bulk

The problem of how to lose weight and get rid of fat in a short time, a significant portion of excited people at all times. After all, if, for example, look at the many visitors to the gym, it immediately becomes clear that they have come here not for the fact that build muscle mass, but in order to lose weight, get rid of excess body fat and improve the performance of your overall health.
Enough 'patients' gym complain that they lose weight will not succeed. The fact there may be many reasons, but most of the people committed the same common mistakes. That they are the main obstacle to lose weight effectively and safely though.

Think about these factors is not always and not all, but they significantly affect the progress in the difficult task of losing weight. Indeed, in our time, everything is often reduced to over- or under-nutrition, and other factors of attention is not given. It is therefore necessary to allocate 10 main reasons that fail to lose weight, and then how to analyze them and find measures to overcome. The Crazy Bulk reviews help you to know about the precise methods, which help to alleviate fat and build lean muscle. Below are some of the reasons why your body retains fat.

The amount of food
Many people are completely unaware of the extent to which a huge amount of energy they consumed. For many ordinary people are empty words talk about the number of calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats and food macros, i.e., elements of food. Therefore, those who want to lose weight effectively, you first need to understand the concept of "calorie intake" and with the amount of nutrients in various dishes. Calories should be calculated on the basis of anthropometric indicators of his body and the level of physical activity. Do it quite easily using simple formulas that can be found on the Internet.

The amount of protein
If we talk about the protein, it is an essential nutrient not only for athletes, especially athletes involved in power sports, but also for people in general. The main problem lies in the fact that throughout human evolution, body, learning to accumulate carbohydrates and fats, proteins postpone for the future and not learned. Hence, the proteins contained in the human body, in any case, intended for a specific function, but are not redundant. As examples of the protein in human body can be called skeletal muscle or smooth muscle organs. In other words, reserve proteins, "for a rainy day", "reserve", a person does not accumulate. So should not eat protein too, as it is still not understood and not be postponed. But not enough protein - no better, as the process of losing weight at the same time slows down at times. Active muscle protein will be withdrawn by the body to then go for recycling. Needless to say that fat stores is almost no impact.

Liquid food
For liquid calories that a person eats, should be treated especially carefully. Calorie drinks some reason people do not give due importance, not considering it necessary to bring them to the table of nutritional value. They think that drinks like water, it is not a calorie. However, this is not true. For example, 100 g of tomato juice contains only 20 calories, but 1 L of the juice can bring extra 200 kcal. Drink the same amount of juice can be a quite unconsciously. Calorie sugary drinks, milk and dairy products is usually from 40 kcal per 100 g equally erroneously considered non-nutritive alcoholic beverages. But this is far from the truth, since they are capable of impressive impact on calorie daily diet, because their figures were 60-200 kcal per 100 g therefore recommendation is necessary to use the least possible amount of liquid food. With a more solid food can be satisfied much better and it is more noticeable on the palate, which is important.

Healthy food
Even being a regular customer of the store diet food, there is no guarantee that it is possible to buy only healthy foods. With such products should be very careful, as it can contain a considerable amount of latent starch, sugar and other carbohydrates. Available in stores muesli can be fully browned sugar. Their composition can be candied dried fruits. Hidden sugar in foods affects the process of losing weight is not the best way, significantly inhibiting it. Much more effective health benefits, and to reduce calories, bring a simple breakfast. For example, it can be slow oatmeal, cooked from whole grains. An excellent addition to her will fresh fruits: apples, bananas, citrus fruits. On the basis of oatmeal can also bake pies, pancakes and biscuits. This is a great alternative to selling sweets with huge sugar content. It is also very high-calorie meat products may be due to increased fat content.

The amount of liquids
The most important factor on the way to a slim figure is water. Every day should eat at least 1-1.5 liters of clean water. With water there is stimulation of the metabolism and maintain an optimal level of health. Admission hydration can be successfully used before workouts using rehydration, respectively, after their completion. All this combined has an additional effect in order to achieve the best results for weight loss.

Training intensity
It would seem that the process of losing weight and started moving quite effectively. But if you look in the face, often turns out that it never moved off dead center. This may be due to the fact that training is simply not enough intensity. If sports activities could not even how to sweat, it means that the coach is not embedded in the training properly and their program is designed not to the fullest. If the coach has consciousness, he will do everything to his program was the most intense, intense and promote fat burning. One conclusion: if from training with all diligence no proper efficiency, then with the "experts" say goodbye better.

Number of cardio
Very useful kind of physical activity for the development of the heart and lungs are cardio. However, it is very important not to overdo it. There are many cases where people spending endless hours on the treadmill or other cardio machines, for one reason or another did not achieve significant results. Increased attention to the cardio can lead to overproduction of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. For many, it is no secret that the action of cortisol directly affects the destruction of muscle tissue. But it is not affected by fatty tissue. Of course, completely exclude from your cardio "diet" still not worth it. You just need to know that this kind of load, especially can be used to train the heart and lungs, and then to fight fat.

According to scientists, stress is another factor that can be a hindrance on the way to burn fat. This is due to the fact that in the human body in times of stress produced elevated levels of cortisol. Lose weight in this case it will be possible only at the expense of muscle, but the fat is not going anywhere. Your stress, if possible, you should always control, protecting themselves from strong shocks and situations where you have to be emotionally involved.

Lack of rest and sleep
This cause has long been a kind of classic, retarding progress not only lose weight, but muscle building. It should always be remembered that not enough sleep and rest can play a really bad joke. Fatigue, without ceasing to accumulate gradually begins to be perceived body as stress. And this in turn leads to increased production of the hormone cortisol. It has already been said that cortisol muscle does not increase, but only destroy muscle protein.

Impermanence for their own purposes
In order to achieve consistent results, it is important that the training process has been a constant. Need to visit the gym at least 3-4 times a week. Otherwise, hope that excessive centimeters evaporate themselves silly and far from reality. Effective results in weight loss cannot be achieved using just the workouts. Need a balanced diet. Indeed, the main secret of success lies in the fact that harmoniously combines nutrition, having a sufficient caloric, with the right training intensity.

These are they, 10 the main reasons that prevent people from effectively lose weight and burn fat. But now, having an antidote in the form of knowledge about how to deal with them, you can make the process of achieving the goal in the diet is much more effective.

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